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Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY iPhone Engagement Ring Pictures

I had some free time on my hands this afternoon and decided to snap some pictures of my engagement ring! I absolutely love what I came up with and wanted to share how easy it is! So often I see blurry, out of focus pictures of engagement rings and it makes me sad that they aren't being displayed to the fullness of their beauty!!

Here are a few tips.

1. MACRO. If your camera has a macro setting, find it and use it. It is your new best friend. This setting allows you to get up close and personal with every detail of your gorgeous new ring. iPhones have this setting built in to their cameras (at least the 4s and 4Ss that I know of). It will also bring your ring into focus while blurring the background, which makes your ring pop!

2. Focusing the iPhone camera: Just point your phone at what you want to take a pic of and tap the screen over the part you want it focused on. You will see it adjust and all you have to do is push the camera button!

3. Don't get too close. The iPhone is still a phone, so it's macro isn't perfect. I have found that if I get TOO close, it won't focus, and I also have trouble getting clarity in direct, strong sunlight.

4. Background/setting: This is the fun part! Find some flowers, stumps, trees, ribbon, old books, anything that exemplifies who you are! If you love to read, maybe place your ring on a stack of or between the pages of your favorite books! If you're a nature girl like me, find some flowers to tuck it in to add some vibrancy and life to your photos and so your ring has something to be propped on other than your finger (as gorgeous as it may be!)

Have fun and experiment!! Mine were all edited with Snapseed. Love that app!!


The Proposal!

My darling and I have been together for over two years now and we recently decided to get hitched! We had all of these grand plans to wait until summer of 2013 so that we would have time to save up for the wedding, but realized that since we felt called by God that this is our time to get married (and because we're thrifty as all get out...aaand I'm a tad obsessive over things) we just decided to go for it!!

About a week or so into June, we decided that we were going to get married this year...in September. We skyped with my parents in California and called his parents on the phone and told them of our plans/asked for their blessings. We were blown away with the trust and support that we got from them and this solidified our decision to have a short engagement.

My mom had in her possession a white gold ring setting that had been my paternal grandmothers that my grandfather bought for her on a trip to Amsterdam in the 80s. I hadn't seen it or tried it on in the years since I last played in my mom's jewelry box, but I knew I would either absolutely adore it or abhor it. I knew it had diamonds on the side but I couldn't remember if they were nasty rectangle 80s diamonds or something better. My mom said it was mine if I wanted it and sent it up to me. It was perfect! We had looked for rings before at jewelers and I hated everything I saw. Too flashy, too boring, too pricey, too popular, just plain not me. This ring is classy, unique, (free), one of a kind (unless I go to Amsterdam! :P) and absolutely fitting to my personality. Sean bought a diamond for the middle (my mom has the original in her wedding ring) and we were set!

During this time, I had come down with an awful flu virus that was the sickest I could ever remember being. I went to the ER, urgent care, and my naturopath all in one week! We knew that Sean would have to propose relatively quickly if we were to begin planning a wedding in two months so we were so bummed when I got sick and couldn't ever seem to stay feeling better. I finally felt better on June 27, and he told me that we were going to go on a date and I should dress up. I knew what was coming but I was still excited because I didn't know how he was going to do it. While I was getting ready, I received a barrage of text messages that looked like this....

He's the sweetest and so thoughtful to surprise me with these!

I dressed up and put on a few pounds of makeup in an effort to not look like I'd been throwing up all week! :P

He drove me to Snoqualmie Ridge, one of our favorite date places with an awesome view of the mountains and we had a picnic with all of my favorite foods that he had picked out!

Neither of us quite remember what he said, but the part that stuck with me is that he asked me "to do me the honor of becoming my wife." I said, "absolutely!" and gave him a huge hug!

 We're sometimes a little silly...sometimes. 

The ring!!!

Happy, happy, happy!!! This is my favorite picture from the night. 

When I got home, I sent him this...