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Monday, April 29, 2013

Handmade Veggie Burgers

Hello. I've been away for a while. I was busy with unimportant things that kept me from being creative but I got fed up with those unimportant things and now I'm back to creating important things, such as  veggie burgers and to-do lists of crafts I'd like to do. I have retrieved my creative spark back from the deep, dark, depressing place it went to hide when I started a certain job over a year ago... Hooray! I hate long intros to blog posts (just give me the damn recipe already!) so I will cease and desist and show you what I made tonight.

I love to eat veggie burgers, but not just any burgers...the Chez Marie ones in particular, because they don't taste like baby food mushed into a patty. The only problem is that they cost 4.50 a box...for 4...and I eat two at a time. But they're SO delicious! Anywho, I found a recipe and knocked them out. BAM. BURGERS. The taste is very comparable, but the price, thankfully, is not.

These, as previously stated, are 4.50/4 burgers/10 oz. = $1.12/burger (That's a darn delicious dollar though...and still cheaper than a latte (I compare everything I buy to the price and value of a latte)).

These beauties are .25 cents a burger! At the rate I eat them, I feel better about that price for sure and for certain. I'm a thrifty little bugger and saving money by making something myself makes me so very exuberant!

I also devised a geeeeenius way of wrapping them (in my humble opinion), at least for someone with sensory issues who hates getting their hands all yucky. 

Step one: Line a small container with a square of saran wrap.

(Hi foot!)

Step two: Scoop burger mixture into bowl and spread to edges.

Step three: Fold saran wrap in and squish down a bit.

Step four: Well hello there perfectly shaped and wrapped little burger! 

Best part is they all come out the same size, shape, and thickness and they're
already wrapped for freezing! And my hands were clean!

Here's the recipe I used, with a few alterations. Make Your Own Veggie Burgers