About Me

About Me

I live in a place where the sun shines only "once in a blue moon" so I use crafting and baking to help me get through the cloudy Seattle days. When I focus on what I'm making, I barely even notice the weather outside. To be honest though, I really love the rain here and although I love sunny days, I always look forward to Autumn when I can start baking and crafting without feeling guilty about wasting a sunny day. :)

I found out in April of 2012 that I am gluten, egg, cane sugar and whey intolerant and that threw me for a loop. I love to bake and I'm finally gaining the confidence and know-how to change recipes to fit my needs. It's overwhelming at times but a very rewarding challenge.

I married the sweetest, funniest and most patient man, Sean, on September 2nd, 2012 We had a small, outdoor wedding on a Sunday evening by the beach. It was relaxed, fun, and better than anything I had ever dreamed (and certainly better than anything I ever pinned on Pinterest. :P)

I love to be outdoors, rain or shine. I love living in the Pacific Northwest and wouldn't trade it for anywhere in the world. I love the mountains but nothing stills my heart as much as being beside the ocean. In August 2013, my husband and I started what we are calling our "Washington State Parks Tour" in which we plan on visiting every state park in Washington over the next few years! Check out our blog www.WashingtonStateParksTour.blogspot.com for photos and stories of our adventures!

I hope you enjoy my humble blog. :)


My husband and I.

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