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Monday, April 2, 2012

Reason #32 1/2 why we're awesome.

These were taken on my phone starting in 2010. 
The fact that we are both making the same face in almost all of them is completely by chance...I guess we're just the same breed of goofball. :)

Inaugural Fred Meyer date hat photo, Nov 2010 

Hicks in Pullman

Howdy Pardner

Dorky rain hats

Ahm a Polar Bear! 

So. Much. Fuzz.

Winky face birthday hats for Rachel. Sean was covered
in green glitter for days after.

Butchart Gardens 

Honeymooning Pirates

U.F.O. (Unidentified furry object...on our heads)

Mohawk and Dinosaur helmets


  1. I think I am glad you didn't wear hats at your wedding.

  2. she wore a fascinating fascinator.

    Cute photos. love the glossy rain hats. and, to the first animal hats - I say to Sean - who are you - who who - who who?