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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Evolution of my Pixie Cut

In August of 2011, I got bored and decided to cut myself some bangs. I watched a few YouTube videos, looked up the number of the nearest hair salon so I could go there after I was done ruining my hair, and chopped away. The goal was not to have cute bangs, the goal was to stop being bored. Right away.

After a few hours of cutting away, being scolded by the hairstylist when I went to get them fixed, and a few weeks of wearing a headband to cover up the awful mess I had made, I decided to just cut it all off!

Here are some absolutely riveting pictures of the evolution of my pixie cut. For a list of tips, click here: Pixie Haircut Tips

UPDATE: (January 2013) I'm currently growing out my hair a little bit for the winter, and I'm loving the length that it's at!

(January 2013)

First day, August 2011. I was scared and didn't want her to cut it too short. This was also the day that I realized that my hair is nowhere NEAR the same as Emma Watson's. Sad face.

I loved it, but thought it was a bit too long and shaggy for what I had envisioned, plus being an odd shape for my head.

Told the next girl that I wanted it more "pixie-ish" so...she cut it short on one side and not the other because that was "the way my hair laid." I was looking for something short and spiky but didn't really get it. (looking back, I think that it's really cute!)

(October 2011)

This is what I wanted...not eighties, just cute and pixie-ish, right?

November 2011: Finally got it! This was the same day as the cut.

(November 2011)

It turned out that I didn't really like how I looked with spiky hair,

(November 2011)

So I started wearing it like this...

(November 2011)

Ew. What was I thinking? No style, no texture, no bangs even! Sigh.

I then decided to grow it out because I was bored with it always looking the same and thought I might want a little bit longer hair again. This was a few months in to growing it out.

(March 2012)

Still kinda cute, here (shameless plug: Hey, I met JJ Heller!)

(March 2012)

A week after this picture was taken, my hair started to be way too fluffy and boring. 
It was all one length on the top because I didn't want to lose any length in the growing out process.
Bad move there. Always get trims when growing out your hair, and have them thin it out to preserve length while keeping down the poofiness. 

I started wearing hats all. the. time. 

(March 2012)

A few weeks later I decided to try for a cut that was long in front and spiky in the back and this is what I got:

It was one of my favorite cuts, because of its versatility. 

(April 2012) Photo by Robert Worl

(April 2012) Photo by Robert Worl

I kept trimming it in this cut for quite a few months and then starting growing it out in June 2012 for my wedding in September of 2012. I was worried about having a pixie cut for my wedding day, but I think it turned out alright (we were only engaged for 2 months, so I didn't have long to grow it out.)

You can find those pictures in my post about my wedding day hair.

Feel free to ask any questions!


  1. you have the perfect face for a pixie cut. :-) You are so beautiful Rachel...

  2. I don't know how exactly I got to this blog, I think I clicked on a picture of yours from google.
    Anyways, This is really inspiring, and I love your hair! I'm a senior in higschool, and I promised myself (and my bestfriend) that I would cut my long locks off after I graduate... and I'm quite thrilled, yet terribly nervous to undergo this process. I don't want to have to meddle with the "in-between" hairstyles to finally find the right one, and like you I adore Lidsay's haircut, but I have no way to ask her how she told the hairdressers to style/cut it. Soooo, I decided to ask you!(:
    So, when you went in for a cut, how did you tell them you wanted it done? Did you use specific measurements?
    Please let me know!
    my email is: xluvscc@yahoo.com
    don't mind the immaturity behind that, I made it in fifth grade and haven't gotten around to making a new one.
    Well, anyways... please get back to me if you can! I would greatly appreciate it!

    1. Hi Cristal!

      I'm SO sorry that it took me so long to respond! I've been planning my wedding and have been crazy busy!

      First of all, thank you so much for stopping by the blog!

      I don't know if you've already taken the plunge, but here are a few tips!

      1. Don't go to a cheapy place with a time limit when you first get it done but rather go to a really nice salon and meet with someone who is experienced and will take their time to do a good job! My first haircut took over an hour! :) It is SO worth your money, just for the first one. After that, go wherever.

      2. Bring a picture! If they are really good hair stylists, they should be able to look at a picture and make it happen for you (depending on whether your hair is like the person's in the picture).

      3. Invest in hats. :P We all have lazy days and people with short hair can TOTALLY rock hats better than anyone else. ;)

      4. Your hair is unlike anyone elses! If you expect it to look like other peoples, you'll be disappointed. I got my hair cut exactly a year ago and I've finally figured out what works for ME and I love it even more than ever before.

      Sorry again for taking so long to get back to you. I hope your haircut did or will go well!!