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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Felt Envelope Wallet

I love how the inspiration for new projects comes to me. It's sporadic and makes me feel like I'm a giant snowball running away down a hill...I love the rush! I started out folding laundry last night, saw one of my tie dye shirts I never wear and thought, "Hey! I should make a bag!" I then googled t-shirt bags and couldn't find anything I wanted but I did see some tie dye wallets and thought I should make one of those. I started out making a felt base and found some different fabric I liked better...then I was halfway done with one wallet when I noticed it looked kind of like an envelope..."Hey! I should put a stamp on it and sew little lines to make it look like one!" And then a few hours later I ended up making a larger one to go with it. It was an excellent night! I hyper-focused and worked on the both of them for about 6 hours straight, ending at 3:30 in the morning. Love, love, love that. :) I was proud of myself because for the first time ever I sewed consecutive straight lines with my sewing machine, and did a bunch of hand stitching, which I usually abhor because I am NOT a detail person.

 This is the little credit card sized wallet. 

 The little wallet with the larger clutch.


I made one for my friend Hanna, too. 

Here's how the cards fit inside. 

The initial sewing for the little ones didn't take me long at all, but the hand stitching (which I had to re-do quite a few times because I'm still learning, took a while. I'm having a blast and I hope to make more soon! 

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  1. Sooooo perfect! I'm in love : ) Thank you times a million!