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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Flax Egg Substitue - "Flax Eggs"

I have been using "Flax Eggs" for about a year now and have (mostly) perfected them through much trial and error. :) I'm too cheap to buy the Ener-g egg replacer, though it probably works a lot better in pastry type yumminess. Flax has a distinctive nutty flavor, which tastes great in breads but tastes a little bit interesting in brownies. Normal eggs act as a binder to hold your baked goods together and this is exactly what flax eggs do as a replacement.

They need time to set so I usually make them at the beginning of my recipe and add them when they have gelled.

Flax eggs are:
1 Tbls ground flax : 3 Tbls hot water

Ground Flax

1. Boil hot water and pour 3 tbls into a mug or bowl.
2. Add in 1 tbls of ground flax and stir.
3. Let sit for 5-10 minutes and check for consistency.
      If you have the time, place them in the refrigerator to get an even better texture.
      I usually just let them rest until room temperature.
4. Stir to see if they mixture has gelled or is still watery. It will stick to your spoon bit when it's ready.
5. Use in place of eggs in whatever recipe you choose.

(Not ready yet...)


(Not ready yet...)
An un-gelled flax egg will have the
water on top and the flax on the bottom.

What gelled flax eggs look like: a slurry. 

My mistakes:

-Don't place the flax and cold water in the microwave together...it explodes into a gooey mess.
-Don't microwave 3 tbls of water...it will evaporate and you will end up with less than 3 tbls of water and a wonky egg.
-Don't place the flax egg into a blender to see what will happen...it changes the consistency and is a giant gooey mess.
-Don't use while the egg is still watery! You must be patient and wait for it to thicken. :)

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