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Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Spice Rack: Upcycle and Be Creative!

I have been scouring thrift stores for weeks looking for something I could use as a spice rack, but I couldn't find anything like what I had in mind. Then yesterday I was reorganizing my cabinets and somehow just looked at my spices and knew what to do! I save empty boxes all the time to use for later crafts, so I had a giant baking soda box on hand. I had a canning jar box as well that my spices were already piled in, like so...

I flipped that over, hot glued the baking soda box on top...
(I didn't center it so I would have room for extra spices on the left side)

and then wrapped it in wrapping paper. I thought about spray painting it, 
but I only have white...super boring.

I also wrapped a small box for my bulk, bagged spices, which you can see on the left side.

I love the result! It was super easy and didn't cost me any money!
Just in case you nosy people want to know, I organize my spices by which ones I use most frequently. 
My OCD side wanted to organize them by similar bottles, but my practical side won. :)

Update: My mom made one the exact night that I made mine and we hadn't even talked about it!
This one is hers.

Update 5/10/12: My brother made one for his kitchen after he read this post. As you can tell, my family really loves to cook and we certainly love our spices. :P

P.S. I know you can buy a spice rack at the Dollar Tree for a dollar, but you get to recycle this way and you can adjust the boxes to fit your exact cabinet and spice needs! 


  1. Rachel, we are truly related! I did the same thing for my spices last night using cereal boxes.
    I cut them in half lengthwise so they would fit in my cupboard and one half inside the other to make it stronger. I am going to cover mine with leftover shelf paper. Love! Mom

    1. That's exactly what I did! My canning box was a bit too big, so I cut some off the back and glued the support back into the rest of it. Our brainwaves are funny!! I thought about using my leftover shelf paper, but I already used it for something else. :)

  2. Guess we are just one hot spicy family!

  3. You notice I do not have a spice shelf...too many spices in the family already, perhaps? :)


    1. But you live with mom, so you're excused. :)

  4. I'm not related to any of you but I love the spice rack idea and you all are too cute!!