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Monday, February 6, 2012

Simple Valentine's Decorations

I mostly love Valentine's Day because it comes in the middle of February and I will take ANY excuse to decorate in happy colors in the dead of winter. Heck, I'd almost dress my cat up like Abe Lincoln for a shred of entertainment. Plus, who doesn't love a holiday in which red and pink are actually acceptable colors to put together? I find the combination garish, kind of like the purple and orange at halloween, but I'll let it slide for the month of February. :)

In addition to window clings (I am such a nerd for window clings!), I made a simple Valentine's Day Tree  this year.

I couldn't find anything pink or red to cut hearts out of, so I painted water colors on paper, cut hearts out, glued them together, and hung them with fishing line. I also picked some red beads out of my collection and strung those with fishing line, too.

I wrapped it with a bit of tissue paper and ribbon and called it good!

I love when I can make something out of things I already have, instead of having to go out and find the things I want. 

I thought that the leftover cut outs were cute, so I put them in a frame. 

Simple, festive and not overdone. I'll leave the overdoing for St. Paddy's day! ;)


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