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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beach Inspired Soap Dispenser and Containers

Hot glue is my friend. It's like the crafter's version of duct tape...anything that needs to be fixed, stuck, or bonded together for life, (including friendships...many bonding moments have haven't over hot gluuuuuue...) hot glue is the one to turn to! Suffice it to say that this is yet another project that I did entirely with hot glue. :) I'm pretty sure that what I lose in brain cells, I make up in calluses. 

This was an old Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Handsoap bottle (my fav!)

I love keeping my brushes in a container, and my makeup in one, too. It works well for an um...preoccupied person such as myself who tends to move on to something more interesting before cleaning up my messes. =D

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