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Monday, October 15, 2012

Driftwood and Sea Glass Jewelry Hanger

I posted my version of a "Pinterest Inspired Jewelry Board"when I first started this blog, which looked like this: (shudder...)

It was so ugly that it drove me crazy, so I painted it again and turned it into this:

Slightly better and more organized, but I grow bored of things quickly, so I decided to think of something new to make. I have two full bags of driftwood that have been sitting on my porch since Christmas and were feeling neglected, so I put them to work.

It was super easy. I just stuck thumbtacks into the driftwood and hot glued pieces of sea glass on the ends of the tacks. I hung the wood pieces by fishing line with white flat tacks in the wall. 

I love that my jewelry can be art when I'm not wearing it...especially since I rarely wear my necklaces for who knows what reason. 

Also, it's nearly impossible to take decent pictures inside my cave of a bathroom. My apologies. :)

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