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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tea and Yogurt Face Mask

While researching DIY lotions I read that caffeine can tighten up the bags under your eyes, probiotics can restore the balance of healthy bacteria to your skin, ironing out the extremes of dry and oily skin as well as combination skin, and olive oil is an effective moisturizer. I decided to mix all three of these together and see what the result would be!

Here are the measurements I used:

Two tablespoons of plain yogurt (this is for the probiotics)
One tablespoon of olive oil 
The steeped, loose leaves of two black teabags 

I mixed them together and spread it across my freshly washed face. Other than looking like I had tripped head long into a dirty diaper, it was great. I left it on for maybe about 5-7 minutes until it started to dry out and flake off (I think I will use honey next time to make it stick better) and then rinsed it off with warm water.

My skin felt tighter (but not in the dry skin sort of way), was soft to the touch and the bags under my eyes were reduced a bit. Not only that but the tea gave my pale skin a slight healthy glow, which is much appreciated in Seattle in the winter. ;) I feel that a continued use of this may result in skin that is softer, visibly brighter and tighter, and hopefully I will see less of an extreme between the dryness and oiliness of my skin at different times of day.

Next time I think I might add some sugar and honey. One for an exfoliant and the other to make the mixture stick to my face better.

(And no, I have no shame. :P)


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