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Monday, January 30, 2012

Making Kefir!

I was telling my lovely friend Lexi the other day about my adventures with Kombucha and she asked me if I like to drink Kefir. Uh...yes!! Apparently her sister-in-law had given her some Kefir grains and she had extras to give me if I wanted them! Uh, YES!!!

Kefir. is. like. magic. Of course, pretty much anything I think will take a long time and it doesn't, is like magic to me. Or anything that I can watch grow right in front of my eyes. Just you wait until I start gardening, yo!

Anyway, I brought home the Kefir grains, stuck them in a glass container with milk, put a paper towel and rubber band on top, and let it sit; shaking it every now and then. It was taking a long time the first time around, seeing as it's supposed to thicken within 24 hours and mine was still like milk at that point, so I let it sit for 48 about. It was really chunky and smelled pretty yeasty, but it's like coffee; the smell is stronger than the taste. I drank it chunks and all the first time, but I tend to enjoy it more if I blend it up. It tastes just like the stuff I used to buy at the store, except way better (dur).

Kefir grains

The store bought Kefir website boasts of 10 whole cultures and yeasts (omg, right!) but I read that this awesome stuff has about 30 or more cultures and yeasts. BAM. The more the merrier (yuk, yuk, yuk)! This is the cost of milk and fast and easy. Plus I make it myself. I could make the grossest thing in the world (which some of you probably think that kefir falls in that category (mom!)) and I would still eat it, just because I made it myself. Whatever. :)

I'm a happy camper with my Kefir, which makes up for my Kombucha taking so long.


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